KS5 Revision Materials

At St Joseph's both A-Level Maths and Further Maths Students are entered for the EDEXCEL Examination

Maths Syllabus - Click here  

Exemplification of Content - Click here   

Formulas You Need to Memorise - Click here
Further Maths Syllabus - Click here

Key Revision Sites

Please check out these links first for Maths and Further Maths

Mathsaurus: Exam questions by topic: Yr 1 - Click here and Yr 2 - Click here

Video tutorials for both Maths and Further Maths - Click here


Revisely has Video tutorials option for Pure Maths and for the Statistics


MathedUp has exam questions & video tutorials by topic for:

Maths - Click here 

Further Maths - Click here


TLMaths has video solutions for all exam boards for the AS and A2 papers - Click here

Classwiz Guide

Great video guides as to how to get the best out of the Classwiz calculator

Click here and then select Classwiz Guide from the menu on the left

Exam Questions

To access new and legacy Exam Papers -  Click here