University Preparation

If you are planning on applying to do a Maths based course at University then it would be advisable to read around the subject a little and explore beyond the curriculum. I suggest you take advantage of the many ideas I have posted on this page in order to make you a more rounded Mathematician and also to help when writing your personal statement.


If you are applying to a Russell Group University then you will most likely be required to attend an interview prior to an offer being made.  I have listed some links to supporting resources to help you prepare below.  

STEP links - Click here

Cambridge University Support Modules - Foundation Course - Click here                                                                                                                                   Step 2 - Click here                                                                                                                                 Step 3 - Click here

Applying to Uni for Physics or Engineering - Click here

Students planning on pursuing Maths based courses at University or sitting the STEP papers would benefit from these modules compiled by NRICH - Click here

The Step Papers going back to 1987 can be found if you Click here     

Worked Solutions for STEP and AEA papers at Integral Website - Click here  

Go to                Username: mei-step    Password: Stepaea1

STEP, AEA and MAT papers divided by topic - Click here
The STEP database 1988-2018 - Searchable collection of STEP questions Click here.

MAT Past papers and Solutions - Click here

MAT worked solutions 2019 Videos - Click here

AEA Papers can be found if you Click here

Challenging Worked examples - Click here and Click here

Hungarian Maths Problems - The different sets were entrance examinations for different majors, such as engineering or mathematics - Click here Some interesting questions only requiring AS Maths but more thought provoking can be found here with the Oxford Physics Aptitude Tests Maths section - Click here

MEI Produce regular problems for those who like a challenge - Click here