Additional Resources

Display Materials

Wide range of ready made display materials - Click here


1cm squares - Click here

2mm Graph Paper - Click here

1cm lined - Click here
Various Lined Paper Versions - Click here

Various Dotty Paper Options - Click here

3 by3 Dotty Grids - Click here
4 by 4 Dotty Grids - Click here
5 by 5 Dotty Grids - Click here

Various Co-ordinate Grids - Click here


Superb online Manipulatives - Click here

Multi-link Cubes - Some Ideas

Geoboards - Some Ideas

Bar Modelling - Resources


Dice and Spinners Options - Click here

One - Two customisable dice  - Click here


Scientific Calculator - Click here
Calculator with Table Mode, Graphing, Scientific, Matrix and Statistics - Click here

Great set of online Calculators for finding Volumes, Ratio, Loans amongst others - Click here

Excellent solver of Quadratic Equations which shows the working out for the three methods - Click here

Here you can find variety of powerful online math calculators and solvers for problems including polynomial equations, rational expressions, systems of equations, LCM, HCF, Sequences, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, analytic geometry, statistics - Click here


Online Timer Up or Down - Click here

Additional Resources

Geometry Set - Click here

Maths Symbols to copy - Click here
KS3 - Interactives - Click here

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