Head of Faculty: Mr M Greenaway


All students study Mathematics. We want students to see the learning of Mathematics as a lifelong experience, which will help them to approach situations with confidence. We want them to appreciate the beauty of the subject itself, whilst understanding  that Mathematics is key to their progress in many other subjects as well as enabling them to have a deeper appreciation of the world they live in.

Results 2021

The teachers within the department are highly qualified and committed to supporting the students in their care. The results in 2021 reflect the hard work of both the students and the staff teaching and guiding them.

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What will I study?

The content and order of teaching can be found by clicking on Years 7-9, GCSE or A-Level on the menu bar at the top of this page. An overview of the journey and some of the activities and competitions is shown in the graphic below:

Maths Journey.jpg

How will I be assessed?

Regular assessment is regularly undertaken, both formal and informal.  This allows movement between the sets when it is in the best interests of the student.

At GCSE there are two tiers of entry · Foundation Tier grades 1 - 5 available
                                                                 · Higher Tier grades 4 - 9 available


Support and Extension:

There is excellent support for those students with particular needs from our SEND department and our most able students take part in Maths competitions as well as being entered for the Further Maths GCSE.

The department offers a program of revision sessions for students of all ages and abilities as well as individual support when needed.

Video tutorials, exercises and exam questions along with the scheme of work for each class can be found at www.stjosmaths.co.uk/independence 

 How can I support my child in Mathematics? 

The key to doing well in Mathematics is regular practice and we recommend three excellent websites that will provide additional practice and support.

All students are registered on DrFrostMaths and have been assigned an online course that is parallel to the one they are following in school - details can be found on www.stjosmaths.co.uk/independence 

Maths Genie Video tutorials, worksheets and answers by grade and topic

Corbettmaths 5 Problems a day – Differentiated sets of 5 questions for every day

Corbettmaths Topic Videos -

This area of the site has over 400 videos with practice exam questions and textbook exercises to enable you to target any weak areas or to catch up on any topics that are causing you difficulty. All of the answers are available by clicking on the pick words
- Individual login, tracks your progress, tutorials and assessments.


Maths is many things (See some in the image below) but without doubt it opens up opportunities and increases our appreciation of the world we live in.

Maths Is.jpg