Code 5: On your bike.

Code 5.jpg

You escaped the restricted zone in the back of a truck packed to the gills with fish. It only took you as far as Valençay, so you made your way on foot. You reached your contact, Pauline, in good time and were surprised to find that it wasn’t the same Pauline you met in Vercors.


You rode through the winding countryside on the back of a motorcycle until you reached the airstrip, and were extremely grateful when one of the Lysander’s reception team gave you a fresh set of clothes that weren’t reeking of fish.

After Pauline handed the submarine negatives to the Lysander pilot, you received a package of explosive and bag of sovereigns” , along with a new message from Lieutenant Colonel Buckmaster: “RV IS HOTEL DE VILLE IN SOCHAUX WITH A MANCHESTER MAN.” The pilot also handed you a new code to solve.

Pick your level

Details of your next contact will be sent to you soon - so be careful and keep an eye out for the message.

Keep at it Recruit!

Agent G.

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