Code 5: On your bike.

You escaped the restricted zone in the back of a truck packed to the gills with fish. It only took you as far as Valençay, so you made your way on foot. You reached your contact, Pauline, Student's Work - Click here in good time and were surprised to find that it wasn’t the same Pauline you met in Vercors.


You rode through the winding countryside on the back of a motorcycle until you reached the airstrip, and were extremely grateful when one of the Lysander’s reception team gave you a fresh set of clothes that weren’t reeking of fish.

After Pauline handed the submarine negatives to the Lysander pilot, you received a package of explosive and bag of sovereigns” , along with a new message from Lieutenant Colonel Buckmaster: “RV IS HOTEL DE VILLE IN SOCHAUX WITH A MANCHESTER MAN.” The pilot also handed you a new code to solve.

Pick your level

Details of your next contact will be sent to you soon - so be careful and keep an eye out for the message.

Keep at it Recruit!

Agent G.

If you have missed any previous codes they can be found here: 

Code 1
Code 2
Code 3
Code 4


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