Code 1: Touchdown.

Code 1.jpg

It was a cold, turbulent flight across the night skies of France, but you managed to evade German anti-aircraft fire with great success. You gritted your teeth and dropped down through the bomb doors into a vicious maelstrom of wind and rain, but this wasn’t your first jump in bad conditions, and you landed safely on Vercors Plateau.

Using the inclement weather to your advantage, you made the hike without detection and reached the RV in Vassieux-en-Vecors in good time. Moments later, Madame Pauline, appeared from the shadows. 

After hearing the correct password, you handed over the one-time code pads. She then advised you to move to Lyon with an urgent message from De Gaulle: “FREE FRENCH ORGANISER, MAX.” She also gave you your first code to crack.

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Pick your level!       [You are welcome to try all 3 levels]

You will be notified about your next contact after half term - so be careful and keep an eye out for the message.

Keep at it Recruit!

Agent G.