Code 7: No Permit.

Code 7.jpg

You left Sochaux with a French surgeon who has a permit to travel in the zone. Unfortunately, you don’t, so you had to curl up in the boot of his car. He dropped you on a quiet back road near Breitenbach, leaving you to cover the remaining distance to the RV on foot.


At the RV, an elderly lady gave you a package with information about the nearby Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp. An SOE agent imprisoned at the camp, code named Celestin, had made notes and sketches of the camp which he managed to smuggle out while on an external work party. She also provided intelligence about the camp’s Maquis and other SOE prisoners.

She then handed you a message: “HEAD TO VALENCIENNES WAR GRAVE V.H.5.” Attached to the message was another code for you to crack.

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Details of your next contact will be sent to you soon - so be careful and keep an eye out for the message.

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Agent G.

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