Code 9: Welcome to Paris.

Code 9.jpg

You took the soldier to Versailles Palace in a rickety old truck. Along the way, you discussed a plan for him to pose as a blind mute – as if his real injuries weren't bad enough. After abandoning the truck in Versailles, you hiked to the RV in Antony, a small village south of Paris.


As soon as you arrived, you were met by your contact, Marie-Claire. 

She was wearing the blue uniform of a Great War Voluntary Aid Detachment ambulance driver, complete with British medal ribbons – which came as quite the surprise. Two Gendarmes demanded she move her ambulance, but she made short work of telling them where to go.

As two off-duty German soldiers were passing by, Marie-Claire roped them into helping to lift medical supplies into her vehicle. You handed over the gold sovereigns while they were busy loading the truck, and Marie-Claire handed you a message: "CONTACT YOUNG WOMAN READING A CHILD'S BOOK BY THE EIFFEL TOWER." She also gave you one last code to crack.

Pick your level

Details of your next contact will be sent to you soon - so be careful and keep an eye out for the message.

Keep at it Recruit!

Agent G.

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