Code 8: Nameless Soldier.

Code 8.jpg

The old lady introduced you to her husband – a World War One veteran with only one arm – who had another Gazogene standing by to take you part way to Valenciennes. You hopped out in the forest near Hanson and hiked the rest of the way to the cemetery. You wasted no time tracking down war grave V.H.5. It belonged to Havildar Nika Singh of the 82nd Punjabis, who died on 3rd October 1915.


After a few minutes, you were met by your contact, Robert Armstrong, the Graves Commission cemetery gardener. You handed over Celestin’s package, then Robert took you to meet a British soldier who was wounded during the withdrawal to Dunkirk.

Robert wouldn’t tell you his name, but he did request that you deliver the soldier to a contact in Paris. Before sending you on your way, Robert handed you a message: “CONTACT THE ENGLISH ARISTOCRAT IN UNIFORM AT PARIS-ANTONY.” He also gave you another code to solve.

Pick your level

Details of your next contact will be sent to you soon - so be careful and keep an eye out for the message.

Keep at it Recruit!

Agent G.

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