Code 2: The Lion of Lyon.

After a bumpy, uncomfortable ride in a coal wagon, you made it to Craponne – a small commune on the outskirts of Lyon. Eager to stretch your legs after the cramped journey, you wiped the coal dust from your eyes and set off on the journey towards the RV with Max in the Montchat district.

On your approach, you heard a rowdy bunch of French pro-Nazi Militia - agents of the Vichy government. Avoiding them with your signature nothing-to-see-here swagger, you slipped by to find Max sipping coffee a few tables over.


As you took your seat, Max slid a folded newspaper across the table, inside which you found your next instruction: “DELIVER RADIO SET TO HELENE AND ROLAND IN MONT MOUCHET.” Upon closer inspection, you also found another code to crack.

Pick your level!

Details of your next contact will be sent to you soon - so be careful and keep an eye out for the message.

Keep at it Recruit!

Agent G.

If you have missed the code it can be found here: Code 1

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