KS4 Enrichment

Maths Challenges

UKMT Maths Challenges -  Click here 
Canadian Maths Challenges - Click here  (Grade 11 is equivalent to Year 12 in the UK)

Challenging Questions

Martin Greenhow at Brunel University has set up a suite of mathematics tests for "bored" GCSE & A-Level students at:  Click here

Reading Material

This is a list of my recommended books to read - Click here

Beyond the Curriculum

Mandelbrot Set Exploration - 6 superbly structured tasks - Click here

Numberphile: A superb range of videos - Click here

Over 2500 lectures on mathematics organized by subject matter and level of mathematics - Click here
Sixty Symbols Videos: Cool videos about physics and astronomy - Click here

Objectivity Videos: Videos about Cool objects - Click here

Great document of suggestions for sources and ideas beyond the curriculum - Click here

Enrichment Activities and Ideas - Click here

Interesting article entitled "What did Ada Lovelace's Program Actually Do?" - Click here

Fancy something very substantial? Think about one of our challenging open investigations. These will take time and you will need to pose your own questions and make your own mathematical discoveries - Click here

Conway's Game of Life - A beginners Guide - Click here and a summary of some of the key facts - Click here 

Explore Eulcid's Elements - Digitised with interactive coloured diagrams - Click here

Free Online Courses

Free Learning from the Open University - Click here

Free online Learning from Future Learn - Click here