Code 3: Pass The Parcel.

Code 3.jpg

As you left the cafe, you were swiftly bundled into a police car by Gendarmes of the French resistance. On the seat beside you was a large suitcase. Peeking inside, you found the radio you needed to deliver to Helene and Roland you just had to hope it wouldn’t be searched along the way.


The Gendarmes handed you over to the Maquis, who drove you to the country railway in a wood gas-fuelled Gazogene. You caught the train with one of the Maquis, but only got as far as St Flour before a sudden warning that the Gestapo were about to board. You leapt off the train as fast as your legs could carry you – not forgetting the radio as you went – then hitched a ride to Clavières. From there, you had no choice but to make the hike across country to the RV.

On arrival, you were given a warm welcome from Helene and Roland – their last radio was destroyed when they fought their way out of a German raid. As Roland fired up the radio, he received an immediate message for you from London: “COLLECT FILM NEGATIVES FROM LA ROCHELLE.” Helene then handed you a new code to crack.

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Agent G.

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