Code 10: Under The Tower.

Code 10.jpg

After saying farewell to Marie-Claire, you walked through Paris to the Eiffel Tower – just a short stroll away. Under the tower, you spotted a young woman sitting on a bench. As you moved closer, you saw that she was reading a children’s book called Twenty Jataka Tales.


The young woman’s name was Madeline. You made contact and handed over the message from Lieutenant Colonel Buckmaster for the head of her circuit. In return, Madeline handed you reports from her SOE circuit. She also gave you her bicycle and directed you to an RV with a Lysander on the outskirts of Paris.

But your mission isn’t over yet… Before you can head back to Blighty, you need to crack your final code.

Pick your level

Now all that is left to do is piece together all the codes you collected and deciphered and radio the Cabinet War Rooms in London to deliver the final message.


Deliver the message to Agent Greenaway via subject heading "Final Code"


Tremendous job Recruit,
Agent G.

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