A2 Exam Papers with Video Solutions

At St Joseph's all students are entered for the EDEXCEL exam board for the A-Level Examinations, however the content is the same for all of the exam boards at A-Level. 

The steps I would like you to take are:

  1. Complete an exam paper to the best of your ability in black pen

  2. Watch the video solution of any questions you couldn't do until you can see the way forward and then complete the question using a red pen without the video support.

  3. Use the mark scheme to mark the paper.

  4. For any questions you got incorrect go back to step 2

  5. If there are still questions you don't understand after watching the video then you should discuss these with your teacher.

edexcel Papers

other exam Papers

In addtion to using the Edexcel papers there is value in doing the papers from other exam boards as the content is the same for A-Level Mathematics.


To access AQA Exam Papers - Click here

To access OCR Exam Papers - Click here


If you would like to access some harder practice papers which use real exam questions then - Click here and scroll down to the Madas/I.Y.G.B Papers

These I.Y.G.B. practice papers mostly follow the Pearson/Edexcel Syllabus introduced for teaching from 2017.
• Papers A to R have standard difficulty with later papers usually more difficult.
• Papers S and T are extremely hard.
• Papers U to Z are hard.